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Q: What is the difference between a Ceramic and a Dedo Classic?

A Ceramic is 100% porcelain which has pigments baked onto it at very high temperatures. A Dedo Classic is a copper tablet that has been coated with porcelain enamel. Like the Ceramic, it has pigments baked onto it at very high temperatures.

Q: What is PSM’s turnaround time?

15 business days, upon receipt of your order;

Q: What is my customer number?

Every PSM customer is assigned an account number, which is used as a customer number and reference number. If you have an account with PSM and do not have your account number, please contact us.

Q: Is there any extra charge for two or more people on the same picture?

No. PSM does not charge for any alteration done on photos.

Q: Can we send a copy of the original photo?

Although we accept copies, we prefer an original. Copied pictures, even those on photo paper (like Kodak Image Magic paper) do not yield as good a product. Originals produce the best portrait.

Q: Do we get the original photo back?

Yes. We only need the original in order to scan it. Once the portrait is complete, we ship everything back to you via Fedex Overnight.

Q: How well does the 3M VHB tape work? Does it really hold outdoors?

Very High Bond tape by 3M is actually epoxy which has been bound to a tape-like medium. With a 72-hour cure, this adhesive is at the very least as good as any epoxy.

Q: Can we isolate a person from a group? Can we remove unwanted objects and people? Can we remove the background? What do these things cost?

Almost anything can be done to a picture once it has been scanned properly. PSM graphic artists will do any and all work required or requested at no extra charge.

Q: How long does it take for regular mail to reach PSM?

Regular post takes between 5 and 10 days to reach us. If you need to send us an order in a more timely fashion but do not necessarily wish to spend 20$ on a courrier, we suggest the use of Priority Post or Express Post. This is cheaper, but you get a guaranteed delivery and a tracking number.

Q: Do we need to send a cheque? Can you bill us?

While over 50% of our customers do send pre-payments with their orders, they all do so at their discretion, as it helps keep their accounting simple. However, we do not require pre-payments. In fact, at PSM you are immediately set-up with an account, without any credit references. This being said, should we experience payment problems, measures are taken to insure that your orders do not get delayed because of late payments.

Q: Which is better – Ceramic or Dedo Classic, and why?

They are both excellent. Although they are both quite different, their composition and manufacturing processes make them both completely suitable for outdoor installation. Some might say that the Dedo Classic is more fragile and sensitive to impact, heat and cold, yet the fact that the porcelain enamel is baked onto a concave copper blank, and that the copper alloy used for the base is specific to this application, make it that the Dedo Classic is a very sturdy product. By the same token, Ceramics are 100% porcelain, yet contrary to popular belief porcelain is very dense and hard; at approximately ¼” thick, it withstands high impact very well. Both use the same pigments and both are fired at such high temperatures that heat and cold do not affect them. For specific applications, we may recommend one type over the other; for example, if you were to install a portrait on a flat marker, then the Ceramic would be a better choice, as it is completely flat, not convex like the Dedo Classic, and has a slightly lower profile. In general, however, it’s a matter of preference.

Q: Does the price of your products include shipping and handling?

Yes. All our orders are shipped via Fedex.